Advisory Services

Comprehensive Advisory Services

We are here to help our clients in all aspects of their business. Whether it is considering a merger or a purchase of another construction of a new facility? Buying or leasing? We can help. We can connect our clients to the local banking community as well as help them understand and develop expectations concerning new endeavors.

Do you have an Estate tax issue? Are you planning for your families’ future? We have plenty of expertise in this area and in addition, can help connect you to Estate Tax Attorneys who fit your needs and have a good reputation and tenure with our firm.

Whatever your needs are we are here for you. If the issues require other experts we can bring them to bear also.

What our clients say about us:

“We hired Trenen Bush a few years ago after our CPA retired and I am so grateful we did! After being in business over 35 years and the CPA firms we have hired, I can say George Trenen Bush CPA is by far the best firm we have worked with. We really appreciate all the great accounting & business advice we have received from Trenen and JoAnn. We highly recommend this firm!”

Samuel Thayer, CEO Maxjet